Ferralloy Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of quality castings. Our team offers our high-quality products to major international industrial companies. We specialize in all principle casting methods, including investment, sand, lost wax, and centrifugal casting. If you are in the market for high quality metal castings, you can trust the Ferralloy, Inc. team.

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What Are Our Casting Manufacturing Capabilities?

We can manufacture parts from every weight category, ranging from just a few ounces up to several tons. Our manufacturing centers have the production resources to offer cost-competitive, low-to-high volume capacity. With our stocking programs and logistics management, we can also supply a smooth flow of Steel Casting products directly into your manufacturing stream.

Experts You Can Trust

We are experts in all casting processes and will provide you with the best process option to minimize your costs and ensure quality is never compromised. Ferralloy, Inc. can also provide you with fully machined parts in many different ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. In addition to Carbon steel grades, alloy steel, and various stainless steel grades, we cast parts from heat resistant and other high-performance alloys.

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