Aluminum Die Casting

Die casting is a foundry process where aluminum alloys are used to create precision components for many applications. The final aluminum product has a smooth surface that needs little to no machining. At Ferralloy, we use the most advanced techniques in the field to achieve precise results for our clients. Learn more about our aluminum die castings and the benefits you can unlock by choosing our products by reading below.

Aluminum Die Casting

Why Choose Aluminum Die Castings?

The main reason for choosing parts made with this process is precision. Because aluminum is highly malleable, we can create complex castings for various applications. Unlike other metal-forming processes, aluminum die castings enable us to create textured surfaces like those found in engine blocks or transmissions.

Multiple Injection Points

Another advantage of using aluminum die castings is that the molds allow for multiple injection points. As metal is poured into die castings with a singular injection point, it can often begin to cool and solidify before reaching every gap and crevice. With multiple points, metal can be poured and fill the die completely, which is especially helpful if the design includes cavities or separations.

Lightweight and Durable Production

Aluminum die castings enable us to create lightweight parts with no structural flaws. Even complex molds can be filled completely, leaving no cracks or failure points once the final product is cooled.

Want to Learn More About Aluminum Die Castings?

These types of die castings are well worth the investment thanks to their durability, strength, and the fact that they require no additional machining in most cases. If you want to learn more about our options or request a quote, get in touch today!

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