Investment Castings

By using the investment castings process, we can reduce your component weight and, in some cases, eliminate costly machining.

Investment Castings

Advantages of Investment Castings

Investment casting delivers a high degree of design flexibility, which allows us to cast complex designs with intricate features, such as thru-holes, slots, and detailed profiles. We work with a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, including exotic and heat-resistant materials.

Custom-Built to Your Specifications

We can eliminate secondary machining steps to help you better manage your production costs by supplying you with components incorporating precise dimensions and fine details. When machining of certain features is required, we can provide finish machining services and deliver to you a complete, turnkey component.

Interested in High-Quality Investment Castings?

We are equipped to process low and high-volume orders, and we can hold component inventory on blanket orders to satisfy any just-in-time delivery schedule. With experience in a diverse range of industries, we can meet the challenges of virtually any project.

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