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Steel Castings | The Untold Benefits of Alloy Steel Castings

Do you need alloy steel castings for your next project? The process that’s involved in producing these components offers several benefits that are being continuously enjoyed by a wide variety of industries. These industries include oil, automotive, gas, food equipment, and more. Aside from the fact that it’s more cost-effective than other methods, it also allows you to create certain parts that are designed according to your requirements. To give you a better idea about how beneficial it is for your business to choose alloy steel castings, check this out:

Alloy Castings are Tougher

Alloy castings are stronger compared to regular steel, carbon, and other alternatives. Since these parts contain a lesser amount of steel in them, they’re lighter than regular steel. Furthermore, this works well for vehicles because they offer minimal road damage as well as better fuel economy.

They are More Durable

The calcium, zirconium, nickel, and cerium components in alloy castings make them highly durable compared to other options. You can expect your alloy castings to exhibit better resistance to wear and tear as well as high heat.

More Powerful and Lightweight

Although alloy steel castings are extremely lightweight, their sturdiness allows them to be effectively applied for companies that are involved in the manufacturing of vehicles. Furthermore, when it comes to the production of high-performance wheels, this type of casting can be your best option.

Which Industries Use These Castings?

In case you’re wondering, the increasing demand for energy-efficient machines and equipment has resulted in a dramatic increase in the production of alloy steel castings. This explains why they’re widely used in industries that specialize in manufacturing certain items which include forging presses, hydroelectric wheels for turbines, valve bodies, gears, railroad frames for truck, marine equipment, pump castings, mining machinery, turbocharger turbines, and engine cylinder blocks.

what are steel castings?

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Investment Casting | A Closer Look at Carbon Steel Investment Castings

Have you ever wondered why manufacturers choose carbon steel for producing quality investment casting products? To help you make an informed manufacturing decision, take a closer look at the metalworking process involved in making carbon steel investment castings.

What is Investment Casting?

Investment, in this case, means being “clothed” or “surrounded.” During the process, a plastic shell or a ceramic plaster forms around the wax pattern where the metal is poured into. The investment casting process involves the production of precision-engineered parts. These parts enable you to minimize subsequent machining, material waste, as well as energy.

In fact, you might be surprised to find out that other than die casting, no other casting method can produce very intricate components. For this reason, countless design engineers find the investment casting process extremely useful.

Uses of Carbon Steel Investment Castings

Carbon steel is a popular material for the process of investment casting. Manufacturers choose several grades of carbon and low alloy steel. This is because, aside from being easily machinable, the material offers significant benefits that include practicality, availability, and wear resistance. Furthermore, carbon steel has applications in multiple industries such as oil and gas, automotive, mining, military, and commercial.

Examples of Carbon Steel Investment Castings

Some examples of carbon steel castings include firearm components, handles, cranks, brackets, valves, nozzles, gears, housings, bi-pods, and hinges.

What is Investment Casting?

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