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Tapping Better Resources with Global Sourcing

It’s undeniable that the figures for manufactured products in a low-cost country are significantly lower than those manufactured in developed countries. Many companies in the US enjoy the perks of lower production costs by sourcing the products globally. Besides lower production costs, global sourcing also makes it easier for companies to look for better resources.

What is global sourcing?

How Global Sourcing Makes Everything Better

Reach More Resources

Global reach provides companies with the convenience to reach more unavailable resources within the domestic market but is available overseas. Utilizing such potential already available beyond domestic areas can be great leverage to producing quality materials and components.

Long-running and experienced global companies like Ferralloy Inc. can help you with international procurement services. These companies are oftentimes powered by their active network of global suppliers licensed and certified by the authority.

The procedure of sourcing components from other countries can be simplified with the aid of other industries. Sourcing companies can get materials and other components at the lowest possible price without compromising quality.

No Language Barrier Problems

With the help of global sourcing companies, there remains no language barrier. There will be no miscommunication or lack of contracting differences. The sourcing needs can easily be met while allowing other organizations to benefit from the purchases.

What is global sourcing?

Other Benefits of Global Sourcing

Apart from better resources and no language barrier problems, global sourcing also offers good quality control and greater production capacity. A company can partner with a trusted overseas industry to guarantee that its products are in line with company standards. The global sourcing company can ensure that the entire testing process is carried out.

When it comes to a greater production capacity, there is no question that the selected overseas company has an abundant supply of materials. Aside from the available materials, most outsourced companies have highly-developed manufacturing infrastructures. Once these two factors are present, the large volume production can be achieved quickly.

If you’re looking for an exceptional company that takes on global sourcing, contact Ferralloy Inc. today!

Benefits of Utilizing Global Sourcing in the Production Process

As product demand increases making whatever product be more competitive in the trade and retail market, it is essential that you hire a company with global sourcing goals and capabilities. Since extensive global sourcing awareness and expertise can be the solution to marketing and manufacturing needs, every company must know how to speak the global sourcing language.

Generates Substantial Cost Savings

Studies show that appropriate sourcing can dramatically produce substantial cost savings. For instance, the purchasing cost of a company that source globally method can lead up to 10%- 15%. Industries that have used this sourcing methods have enjoyed tons of advantages that boost their earnings.

Additionally, manufacturing costs are mostly lower and industries can often purchase goods at a lower unit price. For industries with not much to spend, this can be an ideal solution to exploit their bottom line. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that there are still other factors, aside from global sourcing, that may affect a probable cost-savings increase.

Contiguity to Raw Materials

Another notable advantage of sourcing is that you have the chance to get more proximity when it comes to raw materials. You no longer have to reach out and avail the services of remote companies and industries just to get the raw materials. Moreso, global sourcing also offers state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and substantial knowledge of local languages and cultures, making it even easier on your part.  With the availability of advanced technology, you are guaranteed that the manufactured products are in perfect built, design, and condition.

The most common benefits of globally sourcing are knowing how to do business efficiently in the new market, evolving and searching for alternative supplier sources that may encourage competition, and decrease costs. It possesses an essential role every time you need to search for scarce resources and skills that are hard to find in your area. Hence, your manufacturing volume and other technical services will radically increase once sourcing is used properly.

Searching for a Global Sourcing Partner

At Ferralloy, our global sourcing permits us to deliver quality materials that result in strong and durable products. For more inquiries, contact us now!

Why is Global Sourcing Significant?

Global sourcing is the manner of sourcing services and goods from the international market through geopolitical restrictions. It seeks to exploit worldwide efficiencies such as cheaper raw materials, lower-cost skilled labor, and other financial factors such as low trade tariffs and tax breaks. 

Global Sourcing Initiative Summarized:

Advantages of Global Sourcing

Several companies use an outsourcing process, especially at the start when a certain company is inexperienced. International procurement organizations are normally used as a means to source from low-cost nations. These organizations are able to develop, as well as, identify the perfect key suppliers across a lot of sourcing categories in complex and large countries such as Brazil or China. 

The common advantages of global sourcing are knowing how to do business effectively in the new market, developing and finding substitute supplier sources to encourage competition and decrease costs. It plays an important role every time you need to locate scarce resources and skills that are not available near your area. Thus, your manufacturing capacity and other technical skills will dramatically increase once global sourcing is used properly.

Disadvantages of Global Sourcing

Once there are advantages, disadvantages will always be expected. When integrating global sourcing in your company’s techniques and strategies, exposure to legal, political, and financial risks are possible. However, you always have to weigh things in. Once you do, you will realize that the advantages will always overpower the disadvantages when it comes to global sourcing.

Manufacture Goods and Global Sourcing

Several factors come into play when it leads to sourcing in or out component parts or other goods from other countries. The supply chain is surely fragmented and lengthy and the primary challenges are present. 

what is global sourcing?

Want to Learn More About Our Global Sourcing?

Global sourcing allows Ferralloy to create components that are durable and can withstand wear and tear. We always make our products to the highest of standards. And, our global sourcing allows us to provide you with quality materials that result in strong and durable products. So, if you’re looking to supply your next project with nickel-based products, contact us with any inquiries!

Heat Treating Baskets | The 3 Different Heat Treatment Processes

For hundreds of years, people have been heat-treating metals for the purpose of improving their physical and chemical properties to fit a given application. However, we’ve come a long way since the blacksmiths of the middle ages forged and tempered metals to produce tools for everyday life. Today, material engineers and metallurgists use more specialized techniques and tools such as Heat-Treating Baskets to customize materials for definite applications.


The 3 Major Heat Treatment Processes


  1. Hardening


This process involves the heating of steel at a specific temperature until its pearlite is transformed into austenite before it is rapidly quenched in water or oil. The appropriate temperature at which the transformation quickly takes place is highly dependent upon the steel’s carbon content. For the core to be fully transformed into austenite, the heating time must be increased. In case you’re wondering, the hardened steel part’s microstructure us martensite, ferrite, or cementite.


  1. Tempering


When steel that has both been quenched and hardened for a period of time prior to being heated, the process involved would be tempering. The temperature at which this process is carried out is a critical factor that dictates the hardness and strength that is obtained. For example, high temperatures will produce high ductility, but low in hardness and strength. Conversely, low temperatures will result in low ductility, but high in hardness and strength. It’s extremely important to select the appropriate tempering temperature to achieve the desired level of hardness and strength. Tempering is performed on carbon steels that have been hardened to reduce their brittleness.


  1. Annealing


When steel is treated up to high temperature then cooled very slowly to room temperature to produce its high ductility and strength, but low in hardness, the process of annealing is being applied. In other words, annealing is performed by heating a component to the appropriate temperature before it soaks it at room temperature. The furnace is then shut off while the piece of steel is inside it.

 What are forgings

Are You Looking to Find Heat-Treating Baskets?

 Heat-Treating Baskets are crucial pieces of any kind of heat-treating process. Only Ferralloy offers high-quality baskets that are second to none. Contact us today!



Radiant Tubes | What Are Radiant Tubes and Their Application?

When it comes to needing parts to work in high temperature, it is important to remember to work with a heat resistant casting. However, not all heat castings are created equal. There are numerous different factors that go into selecting the proper component. Radiant Tubes are one of the many types of heat resistant products that might be perfect for your next project!

What is a Radiant Tube?

A radiant tube is a very important part of furnaces that are used for the heat treatment of other metals. The tube is used to help heat the components that need heating but prevents the metals from coming into contact with things that might combust. They are classified by their contraction. The simplest tubes are just vertical or horizontal but they have been known to be very complex.

Why Are They Used?

Radiant tubes are important because of what they do. No matter what the size or shape of the radiant tube, they ensure that there is no contact between the heat from the burner and the material in the furnace occur. These tubes are used because they can withstand extremely high heats, upwards of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are radiant tubes?

Where Can I Find Radiant Tubes?

Have you been looking for radiant tubes for your business? Contact us today! Ferralloy is here to help you with all of your welding needs and more

Alloy Castings | Interesting Tantalum History and Facts

You have your basic metals and alloys – titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and more. And they’re great! But, behind the classics, are some renowned metals and alloys with properties that ensure the integrity of alloy castings. Tantalum is one of those materials.

History of Tantalum

Scientist found tantalum in 1802 in Sweden. It was originally thought that columbium (now niobium) and tantalum were the same. But, scientists were able to dispute that later. The first metallic form of tantalum came about in 1864. Then, in the early 1900s, it was used to create light bulb filaments and would later be replaced by tungsten.

Physical Properties

Tantalum is a dark blue-gray in color. What’s great about it in terms of metalwork is that it is dense and very hard. But workers can still fabricate it easily. It’s ductility also makes it a great component to conduct heat and electricity. However, it’s greatest physical proper is that it is extremely resistant to corrosion by acids.

Where Does It Come From?

There are several types of tantalum out there. But, not all are great for industrial purposes. The majority of tantalum comes from Australia. But, there are also mines in Thailand and Malaysia. Industry experts predict that there are less than 50 years-worth of tantalum left in the world. This is encouraging people to recycle.

Are You Looking to Use Alloy Castings in Your Next Project?

Alloy castings are a great option for the components of your next project. However, their true integrity lies in the material you choose. Contact us to discuss the details of any metalworking needs you may have!

what is tantalum for alloy castings

Global Sourcing | 6 Interesting Facts About Nickel’s History

Your project starts with its materials. And, the better the materials, the better the project. Global sourcing allows Ferralloy to create components that are durable and can withstand wear and tear. Nickel is a great option for many projects. Read to find out a little more about this powerful metal:

  1. Nickel was discovered by a Swedish chemist by the name of Alex Fredrik Cronstedt. It was found in the mineral niccolite – hence the name.
  2. The name comes from the German word Nickel, which translates to “Old Nick” or the “Devil’s copper.”
  3. Peruvian natives believed nickel to be a form of silver. This is because the metal did not rust. But, the Chinese also used a zinc-nickel alloy called “pai-t’ung” back in 200 B.C.
  4. Metalworkers alloy nickel with other metals to create strong components that are resistant to corrosion. So, you can find these combinations in vaults and machine parts.
  5. The world’s largest supply of nickel is in Ontario, Canada. And, scientists believe it originated from a large meteor that hit Earth in ancient times.
  6. Nickel is a transition metal. Using a periodic table, you can see that nickel closely relates to metal including iron, cobalt, copper, and zinc.

Want to Learn More About Our Global Sourcing?

We always make our products to the highest of standards. And, our global sourcing allows us to provide you with quality materials that result in strong and durable products. So, if you’re looking to supply your next project with nickel-based products, contact us with any inquiries!

why is global sourcing good for nickel materials

Ferralloy performed casting services for a subcontractor to the United States Department of Homeland Security

Ferralloy Inc. performed investment casting services for a subcontractor to the United States Department of Homeland Security. The project required placement of perimeter bollard pipes that provide security around the main terminal of the Reagan National Airport in Washington DC. One of the biggest challenges the architect had was figuring out how to ensure the performance, durability and structural integrity of the bollards, while at the same time, incorporating a design that would be aesthetically pleasing to the public. The bollards, caps and collars were constructed from machined and polished 304 stainless steel. This project was successfully completed in 2003.