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Basics of Classic Rolled Ring Technique

Do you ever wonder how the procedure of creating rolled rings work and the techniques used for producing bearing rings? The process begins with the piercing of a circular preform of metal so as to produce a ring-like structure. As soon as this is formed, the ring is rotated and heated until its desired wall diameter and thickness are achieved.

Hot Radial Rolled Ring

This advanced and innovative rolled ring technique is normally used for manufacturing medium-scale bearing ring under high temperature via the hot radial rolled ring (HRRR) mill. During the rolling process, the HRRR mill’s main roll part makes the active rotation as well as the linear feed while its mandrel part creates a passive rotation.

Its guide roll’s placement is fixed at the main roll’s exit side while the signal roll can be found at the opposite side of the guide roll. The ring rolling process ends when the ring’s diameter touches the guide roll. Techniques when it comes to rolled rings are challenging; thus, it is essential that you know which technique to use and how it specifically works in order to prevent any sub-standard or low-quality products.

Cold Rolled Ring

This classic technique of producing quality rolled rings is considered as an advanced rotary forming technique that’s created to manufacture seamless rolled ring forgings in a high-temperature room through a cold-rolled ring mill. The main CRR mill has a mandrel part that makes linear feed, the main roll part that creates active rotation, a measured roll that measures the ring’s diameter, a guide roll that moves according to ring’s expansion, a frame part, and a power and control system.

During this process, a blank or a pre-turned ring is rolled between two rolls that may have specific profiles or may have no shape. The rolling process ends when the ring’s diameter meets the target value.

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Benefits of Using Forged Rolled Rings

The forged rolled rings process begins with a heated circular mass of metal that is ready to be molded after being formed and pierced to form a hollow “doughnut”. This is then heated to a high temperature and placed over the mandrel roll.

The roller then moves under extreme pressure towards the constantly rotating drive roll that reduces the thickness, increasing the diameter of the final product. It can produce everything from flat washers to tall cylindrical parts.

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Process and Benefits of Forged Rolled Rings

What is the Process?

When it comes to the rolled rings process, it can be broken down into six steps. In the first step, the billet is cut to the proper size and is then upset to achieve the right properties. After that, the center is punched to create the ring that is rolled.

After the donut is ready for ring rolling, the ring is placed on an idler roll and is manipulated by axial rolls and the drive roll. The ring diameter slowly increases as more pressure is applied and once the desired size is reached, the process is done.

Benefits of Forged Rolled Rings

When it comes to this kind of forging, there are a lot of benefits. Given the rolled rings process, one of the biggest benefits is how strong the final product is. Any material that is forgeable can be used to make rolled rings.

That includes alloy, stainless steel, carbon, and aerospace metals. The ability to use several different materials makes them not only more cost-effective, but also allows them to be used in many different industries including power generation, chemical, and refinery industries.

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Why Use Alloy in Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

The process of seamless rolled ring forging involves different types of materials used. The rings may be made of carbon, stainless steel, or alloy. Alloy steel is a steel that contains an additional alloying material aside from carbon to improve the heat treat response or mechanical and physical properties of the rolled rings.

This additional alloying material creates steel fatigue resistance, as well as, strength and stability of the rings. Moreso, there are three diverse types of exotic alloys. Below is a short yet in-depth discussion of these types.

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Types of Alloy Rolled Rings


It is a nickel-based superalloy with an age-hardening feature that gives this seamless rolled ring forging useful strength. This type of exotic alloy works best on provisions with solution-annealed conditions. Although it is a bit difficult to wield, it’s still known to be reasonably impermeable to oxidation and possess high-standard corrosion resistance.

Therefore, it is useful for functioning in extreme environments. Waspaloy alloy rings are often used in turbine disks, shafts, rings, seals, and gas turbine blades.


This type of exotic alloy is a family of the non-magnetic stainless steels. They can sustain their structural integrity despite being exposed to excessive temperatures. Additionally, they are resistant to oxidation and are typically used in applications that need materials that yield corrosion caused by stress-corrosion cracking and high purity water.

Inconel is normally used in industries involved in commercial gas turbines, in making jet engine parts, chemical or food processing, and aerospace.

Hastelloy X

Hastelloy X is an alloy composed of molybdenum, iron, chromium, or nickel, making it both resistant to extreme temperatures and oxidation. They provide good ductility and are definitely easy to fabricate. These types of seamless rolled ring forging are found in the combustion zone parts of the gas-turbine engines like flame holders, combustor cans, spray bars, and transition ducts.

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What Exactly are Stainless Rolled Rings?

Rolled ring forgings have several types such as stainless steel, alloy, and carbon. This article will explain what is a stainless rolled ring, its advantages, and why it is beneficial to use. If you are debating which forging material to use for your next project, you should consider stainless steel.

The many unique properties of stainless steel make it an excellent choice of material for all different types of metal components, specifically forged rolled rings.

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Knitty-Gritty Facts of Stainless Rolled Rings

What is it?

Stainless rolled ring forgings are steels that are known for being heat and corrosion-resistant. It often contains a small amount of 10% – 12% chromium alongside other alloy materials. These stainless rings are typically known as the best alternative to ASTM A276 & A240. Additionally, these are normally used for food and chemical processing applications.

What are the Advantages?

Just like any other stainless steel materials, stainless rolled ring forgings have a lot of advantages to offer. For one, there is no need for a thorough inventory since there’s no need for the stock plate in varying thicknesses.

Additionally, rolled rings offer superior structural integrity to achieve superior quality. Aside from this, it is also cost-effective and does not generate too much waste. With stainless steel, the length production and layout time and expensive handling are removed.

Moreso, stainless rolled ring forgings provide ease of fabrication and aesthetic appearance. The easily maintained and bright appearance of stainless steels grants your forged rolled rings a modern and attractive appearance. Likewise, stainless steel can be forged and machined as readily as traditional steels without sacrificing any of its unique advantages.

What are the Types of Stainless Steel Used?

To know which type of stainless rolled ring you want to use, it is essential that you know what are the types used. The common types used in stainless rolled rings are precipitation hardening (PH), austenitic, and martensitic stainless steel.

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Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Process

If you’re keen enough, you’ll see that rolled rings are present anywhere you are. These rings are used in endless products and merchandise that you depend on each day such as drives, clutches, machines, gears, flanges, washers, bearings, and valves, just to enumerate a few. These donut-shaped items vary in sizes from large parts for about 9-ft. in diameter to smaller ones. How are these durable, versatile and highly sought after metal components made? Read on to know more about seamless rolled rings.

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Procedures involving Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

Completion of Forging Process

The billet or ingot is cut to the desired size then upset to attain the ideal mechanical properties. The center is then punched to mold a ring rolling donut. Once the preferred size is done, the donut-shaped part is now ready for ring rolling. After this, the process starts with ID & OD pressure applied to the ring part. Eventually, the ring diameters will increase as the pressure applied to the ID & OD increases. Axial rolls control the ring height. When the desired size is achieved, the seamless rolled rings process is complete.

What Materials Are Used for Seamless Rings?

Seamless rolled rings can be made from any forgeable material. These materials include alloy steels, stainless steel, carbon, Haynes, Inconel, superalloys, aluminum, and more. The ability to create seamless rolled rings out of a wide range of materials is one of the many reasons why it is such an appealing metal part.

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Using seamless rolled rings can be very advantageous. What makes these rings valuable is the fact the metal components are cost-effective, versatile, and strong. As a result, the product requires fewer machining operations, reduced weight, and lower costs for raw materials. Clearly, forgings have come a long way since 4000 BC. Start using the modern power of forged rolled rings for your next project by contacting us.

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How are Seamless Rolled Rings Used in Aerospace Industry?

Seamless rolled rings come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on what they are being used for. They are typically rolled by a process called ring rolling. Ring rolling is done on rolling mills. They can be produced in configurations ranging from flat, washer-like parts to tall, cylindrical shapes, with heights ranging from less than an inch to more than 9 feet. Additionally, these rings are now used in the aerospace industry. Below are the facts you need to know.

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Aerospace Industry and Seamless Rolled Rings

How are they Linked?

The aerospace industry is that type of industry that leaves unequivocally zero room for error. It requires impeccable precision and precise tolerance. Discs, forging rings, and seamless rolled rings to aid in powering helicopter rotor and jet engine assemblies. More so, the forged rings offer greater strength than a flame-cut plate, castings, or weldments, creating them to have the ideal fit for aerospace companies.

How does Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Work?

The process of producing seamless rolled ring forging begins with a circular preform of metal that was previously upset and pierced through the open die forging process to create a hollow donut-shaped component. The heat that is above the recrystallization temperature is applied to the donut before it is placed on the mandrel or idler roll. The donut is continuously rotated as the idler roll is moving under pressure toward a drive roll. As the donut is being rotated, its wall thickness is being reduced and its diameters are being increased.

Benefits of Seamless Rolled Rings

Seamless rolled rings have been used by different industries for a number of reasons. Some of the common reasons are a broader range of materials, better performance under heat, reduced costs, and greater strength. These rings can be created from a lot of forgeable materials, including aerospace metals, carbon, stainless steel, and alloy. Additionally, unlike the other ring components, it is easier to predict how these rings will react. Furthermore, these rings can maintain their strength despite the fluctuating temperature.

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Why are Seamless Rolled Rings Forged?

The process that concerns the production of seamless forged rings is called ring rolling. The process is done on machines known as rolling mills. These rolling mills have the capacity to generate rings that have an outer diameter that changes from just a few inches up to 300 inches. Additionally, forged rolled rings will also differ from approximately 1 to 300,000 pounds.

The Process

What is the Procedure of Making Seamless Rolled Rings?

To start the process, a circular metal component will be pierced so as to produce a hollow ring that somewhat looks like a doughnut. Upon the formation of a hollow piece, the ring is then processed to recrystallization temperatures. After the recrystallization process, it is then placed onto the idler roll. Once it is under pressure, it will be positioned towards the drive roll. Additionally, seamless forged rolled rings may be produced using several variations of configurations. Whether it is a small washer-like part or tall cylindrical shape part, the rings are often in a rectangular cross-section shape. More so, whether you want customized or complex shapes, these types of rings may be manufactured through the use of shaping tools.

What are Forged Rolled Rings Used For?

Forged rolled rings are used in several products such as drives and clutches, glass-lined reactors, machines, couplings, gears, robotics, flanges, bearings, and valves. Aside from these products, the rings are also used by industries which have railways, helicopter gearboxes, windmills, jet engines, oil field, gear drive and presses, rock crushing, mining, power generation, or military. Likewise, forged rolled rings are exceptionally used as yielding and tensile properties for bearings, gears, and heavy machinery. Also, professionals state that forging companies can forge rings over 200 grades of stainless steel. These are done through the use of various types of materials such as tool steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and other types of metal alloys.

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What You Need to Know About Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

In this article, you will know the basics about the seamless rolled ring forging – what it is, what is it used for, and what companies require this type of material. The process you need to familiarize yourself with when it comes to ring forging is called Ring Rolling. It is a process that creates a seamless forged ring with the use of a rolling mill. A rolling mill is a machine that produces rings of different weights and diameters.

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Facts About Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

How the Process Begins

The ring rolling process begins with a circular metal piece that is perforated or punctured to create a doughnut-shaped material. Once the ring is created, it is placed in a high temperature for the recrystallization process to start. From there, it proceeds to the idler roll and moved towards the drive roll. This process causes the forging to rotate and widen its diameter. The wall thickness of your rolled rings is also enhanced. To produce a seamless ring, there are various ranges of configurations that are synthetically made with the use of a shaping tool. Examples of configurations are small parts resembling washers and tall cylinders. The last step in the process focuses more on the desired size to be achieved. The rolled ring process will continue to progress until the precise size is achieved. Hence, it is essential to know your desired size before starting the forging process.

Usage and Where Can It Be Found

Seamless rolled ring forging is used for valves, robotics, machines, glass-lined reactors, gears, flanges, drives, couplings, clutches, and bearings. Additionally, you can find these materials being used by the military, in oil industries, power generation, as well as, for mining purposes. Because of this superb power generation, seamless rolled rings are also used in railways, windmills, jet engines, and power rock crushing equipment.

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Rolled Rings | Types of Industries That Use Forged Rolled Rings

Forged rolled rings can have outside diameters that range from 2 to 110 inches. They can also weigh as much as 50,000 pounds or as little as a pound. The process of creating these parts involves piercing a metal preform that’s circular in shape in order to create a donut-shaped component. Next, the heat that’s beyond the required temperature for recrystallization is applied to the part before placing it over the mandrel roll or idler. As the roll is moved in the drive roll’s direction, it continuously rotates until the desired ring size is achieved. In case you’re wondering about the different types of industries that use forged rolled rings, check this out:

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What are the Different Types of Industries that Use Forged Rolled Rings?

Heavy Duty Manufacturing

Almost every manufacturing industry makes use of forged rings. Aside from being used in gear and bearing applications, they are also widely used in food and chemical processing. In most cases, these metal parts are being used in extreme environments such as areas that are continually exposed to harsh weather conditions, friction, pressure, and high temperature. To give you an idea, applications for forged rolled rings include heating and cooling systems, mining, robotics, shipbuilding, paper mills, rock crushing equipment, wind turbines, reactors, and many more.

Automotive and Aviation

The automotive industry uses forged rings in a variety of ways. In fact, these components are practically used for almost everything – clutches, bearings, gears, drives, couplings, and more. Meanwhile, did you know that in the aviation industry, forged rings are one of the key parts in jet turbines, as well as jet engines? They’re commonly used in helicopter gearboxes as well.

Oil and Gas Production

In the oil and gas production, forged rings are being used in pressure vessel connections for the pipelines and in forge flanges. Other applications may also include subsea connections, oil and surface gas exploration, and hydraulic fracturing or fracking.

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Rolled Rings | What You May Not Know About Rolled Ring Forging Tolerances

A technological process called ring rolling is widely used in various industries that include energy and aerospace because it offers high efficiency, precision, and performance. Furthermore, the demand for rolled rings has been steadily increasing because these components are used in the production of aerospace engine parts, gear sprockets, flanges, bearing bushes, rope pulleys, pressure vessel shells, and nuclear reactor parts. In case you’re wondering, it’s possible for these rolled rings to have diameters that are up to 10 meters. Furthermore, they feature a unique circumferential grain flow that’s distinct to components that are produced via the ring rolling process.

What You Need to Know About Rolled Rings and Tolerance Standards

If there’s one thing that you need to know about the seamless forged ring process, it’s the fact that you can expect it to exhibit a higher rate of precision. This enables its finished components to meet the tolerance standards.

Rolled Ring Forging’s Ability to Create Higher Ratios

Thanks to the rolled ring forging process, it’s possible for identical and exact products to have a higher ratio. This is done through a fixed process that involves punching a hole into the central part of a piece of metal. This metal is at its malleable state after going through a heating process. Once the metal component has been pierced, the manufacturer places it between the inner and outer diameter rings. Both rings will be pressed against the donut-shaped metal in order to stretch the diameters until the required thickness is achieved. In most cases, the ratio of the wall thickness to its height could be anything from 1:16 to 16:1.

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Where to Find Top Quality Rolled Rings

Ferralloy, Inc. supplies forged rolled rings in diameters of up to 110” from alloy, carbon, as well as stainless steel. Whether you want them to be rough-machined or in its as-forged condition, you can count on us to give you the results you’ve been looking for. Call us now for inquiries.