Cobalt Alloys

Cobalt alloys are used for many products because of their durability, which is mainly thanks to the crystallographic nature of cobalt. Their favorable mechanical properties also make them a go-to choice for many types of metal products.


What are Cobalt Alloys?

Cobalt alloys are created with a cobalt base that can be paired with various elements, which can include nickel, iron, and chromium. They are split up into two different categories – wrought forging alloys and casting alloys.

The Benefits of Cobalt Alloys

Cobalt alloys are extremely useful because of the numerous beneficial characteristics they possess. This makes them a great choice for numerous applications. Some of the benefits you’ll gain from using cobalt alloys include:

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to wear
  • Ferromagnetic, meaning good magnetic properties
  • Amazing strength, even in high temperature situations
  • Good weldability

These advantages make cobalt alloys a preferred choice over many different types of metals.

Uses for Cobalt Alloys

Due to their high performance and strength, cobalt alloys have many uses in highly stressful situations. For anything that really pushes the limits of what’s required, cobalt alloys are known to stay stable. They can even be used for the creation of artificial joints since they are biocompatible. Here are some other common uses for this high-performance metal:

  • Aircraft engines
  • Dental implants
  • Turbine blades
  • Medical applications
  • Valve & Pump Components
  • Bushings & Sleeves

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