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Conversion of Plate Burnout to Machined Rolled Ring Forging

Manufacturers of heavy equipment for applications such as trucking, mining, and construction are under more pressure than ever to deploy lower cost, higher strength parts and components. The competitive nature of this industry demands that suppliers be hyper aware of their supply chain and apply meaningful continuous improvement efforts. These considerations are a fact of life for the client we worked with in this project.

This customer is a Tier 1 supplier with a long history of providing castings and forgings to the heavy truck industry, and understands well that to remain successful; innovation is key. Fortunately, developing new methods and processes that push the limits of manufacturing technology is what we do at Ferralloy. Our solution for the drive ring highlighted here is just one example of how we leverage our forging expertise to deliver the optimal combination of value and quality.

The drive ring was originally manufactured as a rough ground plate burnout with dimensions of 22” O.D., 16” I.D., and 3” thick, once formed it also required secondary finish machining. In working with this client, we found that they needed a higher strength, lower cost solution. Our team proposed forming the part as a rolled ring forging from A105 carbon steel. This was a marked improvement over previous methods as the inherent strength and consistent grain structure that rolled ring forging offers is unattainable using other methods.

As an industry leader in rolled ring forgings, we utilize highly developed forging processes; in this instance, we were able to achieve forged tolerances of ±.010”. However, tight tolerances are just one aspect of our forging operations; maximum efficiency is engineered into every manufacturing process we offer. For this project, our cost per part was so low that we were also able to provide the finish machining that included the bolt pattern and a surface finish of 64 RMS as well as ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing. All included our per part cost was still lower and provided a higher quality part that was more robust and required less finishing. In the end this customer was very pleased with our solution, so much so that we currently manufacture over 10,000 of these parts for them annually.

To learn how a Ferralloy solution can drive up quality and drive out cost for your parts and components, contact us directly.

Project Name & Description

  • Plate to Forging Conversion – Drive Ring

Capabilities Applied/Processes

  • Roll Forged and Machined

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

  • Hot Forge, Forging Press, & Lathe

Tightest Tolerances

  • ±.010″

Material Used

  • A105 Carbon Steel

Material Finish

  • Machined 64 RMS

Industry for Use

  • Transportation – Truck

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

  • Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Testing


  • 10,000 Annually

Delivery/Turnaround Time

  • 10 Weeks

Standards Met

  • ISO9001: 2008; ASME