Rolled Ring Forgings

Our rolled ring forgings process can help reduce costs associated with plate burnouts and similar manufacturing options.


Multiple Forging Options

We supply rolled ring forgings in diameters up to 110” from carbon, alloy, and stainless steel. Rolled ring forgings can be delivered in as-forged condition, rough machined, or machine completely finished rolled rings with close tolerances.

Built to Your Specifications

We can vary the metallurgical properties for your unique application through alloy selection and adjustment of thermal processing parameters. Our ability to forge close-to-finish sizes helps reduce the amount of additional processing required to keep costs to a minimum.

A Wide Range of Materials

In addition to all grades of carbon and alloy steels, we supply rolled ring forgings from many other materials, including nickel alloys.

Interested in Rolled Ring Forgings?

Our distribution model incorporates an inventory stocking program to provide you with timely deliveries that allow you to better manage the amount of product you keep on hand. Give us a call to learn more about our products!

We have a surplus of Rolled Ring Forgings, rough machined,  that are available at a greatly reduced price.  Please contact us for more information!

  • 38 ea. - 25” OD x 13.75” ID x 12 5/16” Long - Est. Wgt. – 1,200# | Material grade:  4140
  • 2 ea. | 23.50” OD x 15” ID x 10.75” Long | Est. Wgt. -    809# | Material grade:  4140

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