Component Rebuild Services

High temperature, thermal processingputs all internal furnace components to demanding tests. Duringprocessing these components are put under extreme stress and damage to these components is a common occurrence. Luckily, ourFerralloy team is equipped with the expertise to provide componentrebuild services which can reduce operating costs significantly andmany times return those components to you in less time than theproduction of new ones.

What are Component Rebuild Services?

We offer repair and comprehensive rebuild services for thermal processing equipment and specialized components. Our experts can review your needs on-site and determine the best approach to make the necessary repairs. Ultimately, our goal is to get your equipment back to full functionality as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.


Our team specializes in the evaluation and repair, if possible of furnace components.. These capabilities extend to:

Are You Interested in Our Component Rebuild Services?

The team at Ferralloy, Inc. is here to keep your equipment in the best possible condition. If you need a complete component rebuild, trust our experts to deliver exceptional results. Call today to learn more!

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