Furnace Fans

Helping you maintain functionality and efficiency.

Effective thermal processing depends on several mechanical components to operate at peak efficiency. Furnace fans are vital, as they are necessary to control temperature and conduct heat to where it needs to be. At Ferralloy, Inc., we sustain a robust inventory of furnace fans for industrial applications.

What are Furnace Fans?

Furnace fans are perhaps the most essential component for any furnace system. They are responsible for circulating atmosphere throughout the loads being processed within the furnace. Thanks to our decades of experience working in the industry, we have a unique understanding of the demands of thermal processing and offer products manufactured to meet the needs.

Furnace Fans

An Option for Every Application

Furnace Fans come in a wide range of sizes and designs depending on the specific furnace.  Our fans are engineered and produced to withstand the high temperatures they are subjected to.  Our engineers can help you determine what heat resistant alloy is right for your application, which is important when internal furnace operating temperatures usually exceed 1,650°F and can run up to 1,900°F.

Why choose Ferralloy for your Furnace Fans?

It is important to have a sound casting when running a fan at extremely high temperatures.  Once cast and machined we dynamically balance each fan to ensure that the bearing housing and motor are running without vibration.

Over time, a casting with internal shrink will cause a fan to go out of balance quicker than it should due to the thermal wear it sees.  Minimal blade tip grinding brings Ferralloy’s fans into balance rather than many you’ve seen that have additional weights welded to the blades.  This necessary weight to bring them into balance suggests that the casting was not manufactured soundly in the beginning.

Repair Services

After many hours of service, all fans will need to be inspected for wear in the bearing area of the shaft and further down into the hub and blade areas.

Many times we can repair the shaft and areas where minor touch up and a subsequent rebalance will bring the fan back into a good condition and be used for many more hours.  These repair services are provided at a fraction of the cost of a new fan.

Fan circulating housings can be rebuilt!  We will inspect them in our facility, replace the bearings, ensure there are no leaks in the water jacket, replace the insulation and also inspect the fan itself.  If it can be repaired and rebalanced, we can do that or if the fan needs to be replaced, we will install a new fan in the circulating housing when it is re-assembled.  Cost savings of ~40% can be realized compared to the price of a new fan and housing assembly!!

Are You Interested in Purchasing New Furnace Fans?

Ferralloy, Inc. proudly offers a comprehensive list of products for the thermal processing industry. From expertly engineered components to operational machinery like furnace fans, we are your leading resource. Get in touch today to learn more!

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