Radiant Tubes & Furnace Rolls

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Projects that require manufacturing at extreme temperatures call for heat-resistant components that can stand up to the demands. At Ferralloy, Inc., we offer a wide array of heat-resistant products like radiant tubes and furnace rolls; all manufactured to meet the highest performance standards.

What are Radiant Tubes?

Radiant tubes are responsible for transferring heat created by the combustion tubes that are generated in a burner. There are many types of radiant tubes, varying in size and material depending on the application. When manufacturing radiant tubes, one must consider variables like service temperature and furnace atmosphere.

What are Furnace Rolls?

Furnace rolls are components that allow a furnace to operate efficiently. Like with radiant tubes, furnace rolls come in different sizes and can be made to different specifications or materials depending on the desired application. Some variations of furnace rolls include:

Vertical Annealing

Used to connect galvanizing lines and commonly used in temperatures of 1,382° to 1,742° Fahrenheit.

Heavy Plate Heat Treatment

These rollers are used for normalizing hardening furnaces; they tend to be more significant to offer a more uniform heat-treatment process because of the applications.

Horizontal Annealing

Similar to the vertical annealing rolls, these are used to galvanize lines in temperature applications ranging from 1,382° to 1,742° Fahrenheit.

Furnace Roll Rebuild Services

In most cases the life of a furnace roll is dictated by the condition of the centrifugally cast roll body.  The trunnion ends are the most expensive components of the assembly, and they typically are in the insulated wall of the furnace and not subjected to the same conditions as the roll body.  Ferralloy’s comprehensive roll rebuild program takes advantage of this by inspecting the roll assembly and determining the condition of the trunnions.  If they are not cracked or bent, we will remove them from the assembly, turn down the excess tube material and reassemble them to a new roll body and confirm the TIR is in specification and return them to you with an applied credit for the scrap body as well!  We have rebuilt hundreds of furnace rolls over the years resulting in cost savings of 30-40% over new rolls!

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