If you need one of the strongest materials around, Inconel is an option that will most likely take care of what you’re looking for in a type of metal. Combined with the skill and experience from Ferralloy, you can expect a quality product that can properly withstand heat and corrosion.

What is Inconel?

Inconel is a nickel-based superalloy that contains both chromium and iron. It’s properties often make it the preferred choice over stainless steel in high-stress situations.

The Benefits of Inconel

While a little more expensive than some other options, Inconel tops many lists for performance in extreme environments where there could be high amounts of pressure and heat. At higher temperatures, the alloy is known to be stronger than stainless steel, plus it’s also more resistant to scaling and oxidation.

Uses for Inconel

Due to its immense strength and heat resistance, Inconel is often used for applications where other metals just wouldn’t perform quite as well. One of these uses is jet engine exhausts, due to the extreme temperatures. Some other common uses for Inconel include:

  • Chemical plant equipment
  • Thermal Processing Applications
  • Heat Treating Fixturing and Tooling
  • Petrochemical Plant Components
  • Flare stacks
  • Seawater equipment
  • Vehicle ignition systems
  • NASCAR, Formula One, and NHRA exhaust valves
  • Heat exchanger tubing
  • Pressure vessels

Alloys We Work With

  • Inconel 800
  • Inconel 600
  • Inconel 601
  • Inconel 617
  • Inconel 625
  • Inconel 718
  • Inconel 909
  • Inconel 903

Looking for Custom Manufactured Metal Products with Inconel?

When you come to Ferralloy, Inc. for your metal products, our goal is to always provide the highest quality results. Our manufacturing process is always completed with skilled experts who know exactly what it takes to deliver what you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more!

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