Inventory Stocking and Distribution

We can help you improve your capacity and efficiency.

Ferralloy, Inc. is dedicated to delivering effective solutions to our global clients in the metalworking industry. Inventory space is a challenge for businesses large and small. Whether you are expanding or trying to meet higher demands for your products, it can be challenging to allocate the necessary space for a growing list of materials. Our team can help you keep your production lines running smoothly with our professional inventory stocking programs.

What are Inventory Stocking Programs?

Our services are designed to optimize the capabilities and production output for our clients. One of the premier value-added services that exemplify our commitment to improving your capabilities is developing custom inventory stocking programs.

With your commitment to a longer-term order, we will produce the product ahead of demand and keep it on our shelves releasing it to you as required.  Lead times are eliminated and the cost of carrying inventory in your facility disappears as well!

Our Inventory Stocking Program Vs. Jit Purchase Orders.

JIT Purchase orders are reliant on specific quantities that typically do not allow for opportunity sales. With a managed Inventory Stocking Program we will keep 2-3 months inventory on-hand to support increases in demand without compromising your regularly scheduled shipments.

Want to Learn More About Our Inventory Stocking Programs?

At Ferralloy, Inc., we look forward to making you more efficient by improving your inventory stocking capabilities. Give our team a call today and learn more about our options!

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