Machined Forgings & Machined Castings

At Ferralloy, we strive to always provide you with a product based on your exact specifications. We want it to be exactly how you expect it, because we know that even the smallest details can be extremely important. You want the best and we’re prepared to give it to you, because satisfaction is our goal.

What is Machining?

Machining is the process of cutting away metal to change its appearance. While forging and casting are often used to shape metal, it might not be able to completely accomplish the task on its own. This is when machining comes into play since it allows for much finer details.

Different Ways Machining is Accomplished

Detailed machined forgings and machined castings can be accomplished through multiple different ways using cutting, drilling, milling, and grinding tools. Different machining processes include:

The Benefits of Machined Forgings & Machined Castings

Machining allows us to get much closer to the exact specifications you provide compared to forging and casting alone. Precision machining can get as close to within just a small percentage of a millimeter, which would otherwise be impossible. Ultimately, if you want your product to be as perfect as it can be, machined forgings and machined castings are the way to go.

Looking for Machined Forgings & Machined Castings?

If you’re looking for high-quality craftsmanship and need your metal products to turn out exactly how you need them to, look no further than Ferralloy. We take pride in creating products that our customers are satisfied with. Contact us today to learn more!

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