Investment Castings | How Can I Ensure Product Quality?

Where can I find good alloy castings?|how do i ensure the quality of investment castings
August 28, 2017

The quality of metal components can make or break a project – literally. So, having high-quality materials and final products is of the utmost importance. At Ferralloy, our expert metal workers use an array of testing and inspection services. These confirm compliance with engineering specifications. They also ensure you are receiving the best of the best in investment castings and more. Get to know just a few of our methods:

Dye Penetrant

When testing finished products, the main goal is to keep the integrity of the component. Dye penetrant testing is a nondestructive method. The test includes cleaning the surface of a product, then applying a colored penetrant, or dye. This shows surface discontinuities in non-porous materials. Workers may use this for joints, forgings, castings, and more.


Ultrasonic testing is another type of nondestructive testing. Workers use this method on an array of metal products. It ensures that customers are getting the best components possible. This method works by sending high-frequency wavelengths through an object to detect cracks and other possible flaws. However, with metals, ultrasonic testing is great for inspecting raw materials rather than just complete parts. Plus, a couple more pros about this method are that it is quick and very reliable!

Coordinate Measuring (CMM)

Testers may use coordinate measuring to test geometric characteristics of components. This is reliant on the shape and size of the piece. Then, the readings are shown in a mathematical form. So, the probing system in the machine and data collection allows for precision which results in durability.

In need of Investment Castings for Your Next Project?

Ferralloy dedicates its time and expertise to create the highest quality products for every project you may have. So, if you are looking for investment castings or any of our other quality-tested products, contact us today!

how do i ensure the quality of investment castings

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