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Alloy Castings | What are Super Alloys and Why Would I Use Them?

The integrity of any project requiring metal work lies on the integrity of the material used. There is a reason super alloys are named “super.” Their strength and stability make them ideal for particular products and alloy castings. If you are looking to create strong and high performing castings for your next industrial project, super alloys may be an option. Read why they are continuously growing in popularity:

What are Super Alloys?

Super alloys – also known as high-performance alloys – are alloys that offer paramount strength. They do not only have great mechanical strength. But, they are able to withstand high temperatures without deforming. And, super alloys are made even stronger every year. New chemical processes raise the temperature limit for different super alloys.

When Would I Use Super Alloys?

Super alloys have become more available in recent years. So, this has made them more popular. And, new super alloys are always under development to create stronger alloy castings. When a piece of metalwork needs to maintain strength while reaching high temperatures, a developer may want to use super alloys.

The aerospace and marine industries use super alloys for turbine engines. And, over the years, the heat resistance of super alloys has been growing. However, super alloys can be susceptible to environmental factors. Thermal fatigue, hot corrosion, and oxidation – all of which can weaken chemical bonds – may affect surfaces of certain super alloys. But, protective materials cam coat super alloys to prevent such issues from occurring.

Want More Information on Our Alloy Castings?

Ferralloy goes above and beyond the industry standard for our customers. And, we can help you find the best materials for your next project. Whether you’re looking for super alloys or an alternative, we want to provide you the best information on alloy castings, so please contact us today!

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Investment Castings | What Are Investment Castings Used for?

Investment castings are one of the most popular metal parts used today. If you are surprised by the previous statement, you shouldn’t be. These cast components hold countless benefits that make them an appealing option to a wide-range of businesses and industries. Investment casting provides the ultimate design flexibility for highly complex parts made from a large choice of alloys. Furthermore, the investment casting process is relatively simple, which allows for high production rates and consistent dimensional accuracy. With advantages like these, it’s no wonder they are chosen for numerous different applications. What exactly are investment castings used for? Keep reading to learn about some of their most common applications!

Common Applications of Investment Castings

The applications of investment castings are limitless. However, the aerospace, power generation, firearm, automotive, military, commercial, food service, gas and oil, and energy industries use these metal components the most. For example, the firearms industry turns to cast parts for firearm receivers, triggers, hammers, and other precision parts. Investment castings are even used by beverage industry equipment manufacturers and international pressure relief valve manufacturers in the oil and gas industry. As a result, it’s safe to say that regardless of your industry, if your business can benefit from the advantages of investment cast parts and components, they might be the perfect metal option for any and all of your projects.


where can i get investment castingsAre you interested in using investment castings for your next project? If yes, contact us! Here at Ferralloy, Inc., we are the premier provider of high-quality investment castings. Our facilities are prepared to process both high and low volume orders. Not to mention, we can hold component inventory on blanket orders to satisfy any delivery schedule. Our knowledge, skill, and experience allow us to meet the challenges of virtually any project in any industry. Order your metal components by contacting Ferralloy, Inc. today!

Forgings | Which Industries Use Forgings?

Thanks to possessing a wide-range of benefits, forged parts are one of the most popular metal components in the world. As a result, countless industries rely on these parts. Which industries use forgings? Keep reading to learn about the 5 most common industries that use forged parts!

5 Common Industries That Use Forgings

1) Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has greatly benefited from the forging process, specifically either hot or cold forging, thanks to their high-demand for complex shapes. Some specific forging parts used by the automotive industry include: engine parts, steering parts, automatic and manual transmission systems, etc.

2) Power Generation and Transmission Industry

The power generation and transmission industry highly relies on this type of metal component. In fact, about 43% of all parts used in this industry are manufactured through forging. Turbine components, shafts, discs, seamless pipes and fittings, are just a few of the many examples of forgings in this industry.

3) Medical Industry

A vast number of medical equipment parts are forged. Examples of forgings in the medical industry include: extremities parts, implants, trauma parts, and medical machine parts.

4) Aerospace Industry

A number of forged parts are also used in the aerospace industry. Examples for this industry includes: inner-outer rings, engine discs, exhaust, compressor parts, spinner, as well as other engine, transmission, and structural parts.

5) General Production and Manufacturing Industry

Another industry that benefits from forged parts is the general production and manufacturing industry. This is mainly due to their structural integrity. Some examples include: washers, gaskets, welding products, bars, etc.

These are just a few of the many industries that benefit from using forgings. If your interested in utilizing forgings for your next project, we can help. Ferralloy, Inc. is a leading global provider of forgings to major companies across all industry verticals. We have the resources to provide you with forgings machined complete to your engineered specifications. Contact our metalworking company online today to learn more!

Titanium Tubing | What Is It Used For?

Everyday the average person comes across a wide variety of metal applications. From simply driving your car to riding the elevator up to your floor, metal is everywhere. Depending on the application, there are so many types of high quality metal components that can be utilized to fit a need perfectly. There are metals that are strong and light, others that are sturdy and heavy, and depending on what the metal will be ultimately used for these characteristics make some metals more desirable for certain industries. One such component that finds purpose in several industrial applications is titanium tubing. To understand the applications of titanium tubing, it is first important to understand what characteristics of this metal set it apart.

Titanium Tubing from Ferralloy Inc!

What is Titanium Tubing?

Titanium is a metallic element that is recognized mainly for its high strength to weight ratio. It is a lustrous metal that has a low density, but is incredibly strong. In addition to its remarkable strength, taking into consideration its light weight, titanium is also widely used in extreme applications because of its resistivity qualities. Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion, including, but not limited to, in sea water and chlorine. Tubing is simply a component form in which a metal can be formed in to. A cylindrical shape that varies in diameter and length, tubing is hollow and can be used in a variety of applications.

What are Titanium Tubing Applications?

 Due to the unique characteristics that set titanium apart, titanium tubing can be used, as mentioned earlier in extreme applications. In the aerospace industry, the metals used have to withstand immense amounts of pressure and resist highly corrosive liquids and heats within an engine, but at the same time be light enough to fly. Because of this, titanium tubing is the perfect option for components in the aerospace industry. It is also used in the marine industry, another environment where the metal has to withstand corrosive liquids and pressure, but still be light. Other applications include, but are not limited to, the chemical and petrochemical industry, the medical industry and the nuclear industry.

No matter what your industry, if you need titanium tubing for any applications, Ferralloy Inc has the technical authority to manufacture and deliver the highest quality component to you. We are industry leaders in metalworking and can provide any metal part you need. Contact Ferralloy Inc today for your metal needs!