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Steel Forgings | Should I Choose Forging over Gravity Fed Casting?

Metalworkers can create strong and durable metal components using a variety of methods. However, some methods are sometimes better suited for certain projects better than others. Gravity fed castings and steel forgings are extremely different methods. But, how to they measure up against each other?

What Are Gravity Fed Castings?

Gravity feeding is a method of casting that uses the natural force to move a material into a mold. Gravity casting allows for there to be great of dimensional accuracy as it creates a smooth surface. You can even cast supplemental parts into a gravity fed casting. Lastly, they are easily reproducible. This is key when it comes to large industrial projects. By having the ability to use a mold over and over again, you can keep costs lower. It also ensures that you have consistent products throughout.

What Are Steel Forgings?

Forging is a completely different metalworking method than casting. However, a workers use a force is when making forgings – it’s just not a natural one. During the forging process, a cold or hot material is rolled, pressed, hammered, or squeezed into a shape. This allows for a very strong finished product.

Is One Better Than the Other?

Both methods have their advantages. So, choosing a method depends on the need of a material. Casting is a smart option when a shape is very complex as using a molten version of a material makes it way more pliable. However, often times forgings are stronger than castings because of the type of force used. It is best to consult a professional when choosing.

Is Your Next Industrial Project in Need of Steel Forgings?

Ensure the integrity of your next industrial project by using only the strongest steel forgings. With a dedication to creating high-quality components, Ferralloy can suggest an array of amazing materials that will work for you. Contact us today to learn more about our metalworking services!

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Castings | Why Should I Use Gravity Fed Castings?

We experience the power of gravity every day. And the metalworking industry knows how to implement natural forces. And, it creates durable products for industrial purposes. Gravity castings, also known as permanent mold castings, are one of those forces that metal workers can use to the industry’s advantage.

There are some obvious benefits to using a gravity fed casting. To start, in comparison to sand casting – a method that uses sand as the mold material – gravity castings offer a smoother cast finish. A gravity fed casting also show as in having better mechanical properties in comparison to sand casting. This is because there is less gas that gets trapped within the material. However, you cannot produce some complex molds with gravity fed castings that you can with sand castings.

Additionally, a gravity fed casting allow for better dimensional accuracy. This is in addition to high production rates because of their reusable ability. Note that the process has the possibility to be more expensive than other options (depending on the variables of your needs). But, you are able to get more out of your casting. This makes them a great choice for projects that have demand for several strong components. During the process, the mold aids in the casting material to solidify quicker. This will happen after the metal worker performs a low pressure or tilt pour.

Are You in Need of Castings for Your Next Industrial Project?

The integrity of your next project relies on the durability of its metal components. Contact Ferralloy today to learn about our high-quality, globally sourced materials and products.

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Investment Castings | What Are Gravity Fed Castings?

If you have a project that requires unique components, investment castings may be the way to go. With a high degree of design flexibility, investing castings offer applications for an array of industries. But, how do you make investment castings? One popular method is a gravity fed process.

How Do You Make Castings?

Investment castings are an age-old practice that continues to evolve and produce even better products. Investment castings involve a unique mold which workers use for a series of coating and hardening. This allows for remarkable surfaces that are unique and workers can easily recreate. Castings can be made with an array of materials, including heat-resistant options.

What is the Gravity Process?

A gravity casting is fairly self-explanatory. Simply because gravity is used to fill the mold from a vertical position rather than gas pressure or a vacuum process. But, the process starts with a preheated mold. This helps the material to flow easily and reduce damage to the casting. Then, workers or a machine coats the mold to prevent the material from sticking. The material is then invested, or poured, hardened and removed. There is no need to apply extra force. This is repeated until the order fulfilled.

Why Use the Gravity Process?

A typical purpose of gravity fed castings is large production orders. This makes it easy to repeat the molding process for several castings. It also offers less trapped gas within the mold, giving it more integrity. However, workers determine the best process to use for a casting depending on the goal of the component.

Want to Learn More About Investment Castings?

Ferralloy dedicates its expertise to create high-quality metalwork for an array of projects. If you think investment castings are a component you need for your next project, please contact us today to discuss your options!

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