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What Are Radiant Tubes?

If you have a project that requires parts to function in extreme heat above 1,200 °F (670 °C), you need a heat resistant casting. It’s important to know, however, that all heat resistant products are not the same. There are countless factors that go into deciding which component is best for your specific industry and need. Radiant tubes are one of the many types of heat resistant products. Keep reading to find out if it can benefit your project!

What are Radiant Tubes?

The performance of a heating system depends not only on the furnace burner, but also on the radiant tubes. The aim of the radiant tubes is to transfer heat to the load through irradiation. Heat exchange occurs when the combustion fumes are generated by the burner and then are conveyed through the tube. Various sizes and shapes of different heat resistant materials are used for these tubes depending on the specific need, service temperature, and furnace atmosphere. 

Why are They Used?

Regardless of their shape or size, they are used to ensure no contact between the flames from the burner and the material in the furnace occurs. Radiant tubes are also used because they are able to reach process temperatures up to 2000 °F (1200 °C) and maintain temperature uniformity.

What are their Applications?

Radiant tubes are normally used in applications that require the furnace atmosphere to remain stable and without any chemical changes. Specific industries that often require radiant tubes include the steel industry, chemical industry, and ceramic industry.

Whenever you need to count on radiant tubes to provide consistent heat transfer, you can count on Ferralloy Inc. No matter your industry or application, we can provide you with high-quality parts that are competitively priced and delivered on time. Give us a call at 440-250-1900 or visit our foundry online to learn more about how Ferralloy Inc. can help with any of your metalworking needs!

What are radiant tubes?

Inconel Alloys | Uses and Characteristics

With all the different applications that metal is used, different characteristics are needed for each use. The wide array of metals available to be manufactured into the component or part needed for a project allows companies to get the metal that has all of their specifications in order to serve their purpose in the most effective way. One such metal that many industries use is Inconel alloys. What is it? Why is it used? Keep reading to find out!

Inconel alloys have many applications because of its unique properties

What are Inconel Alloys?

This is a metal from the nickel chromium family. Inconel is considered a super alloy and special metals with specific applications. It has several characteristics that make is a desirable metal. Inconel alloys are resistant to corrosion which makes it suitable for some extreme environments. It is also resistant to oxidation and can withstand high temperatures. When it is exposed to heat, Inconel forms a layer to protect the surface from heat and other damage. It is not only heat resistant, but maintains its strength when heated. Its high temperature strength is thanks to solid solution strengthening or precipitation strengthening, depending on the alloy variety. This material is also resistant to pressure which makes it perfect for extreme applications.

What are Inconel Alloy Applications?

Due to all of these characteristics, Inconel alloys can be used for a wide variety of applications, including sea-water applications. The properties of Inconel alloys make it perfect for propeller blades, submarine quick disconnect fittings, submarine auxiliary propulsion motors, steal-line bellows and more.  It is also widely used in the aerospace field for aircraft ducting systems, engine exhaust systems, hydraulic line tubing and heat-exchanger tubing in environmental control systems.

Whatever your application may be, Ferralloy Inc can supply you with the highest quality metal components! We are industry leaders, providing you with parts at competitive prices and in quick turnaround time. Inconel is just one of the many metals we supply and work with, so give us a call at 440-250-1900 or visit our foundry online today!

Heat Resistant Castings | Steel Mill Application

There are a variety of applications where heat resistant castings are needed. Especially when temperatures reach extremely high levels, making sure that components in the equipment being used will withstand the circumstances is important in order to ensure the manufacturing process is successfully accomplished. What kind of applications benefit from heat resistant castings? The focus of this article will be on steel mills and how they accomplish what they aim to produce with heat resistant castings.

High quality heat resistant castings are available from Ferralloy Inc.

What are Steel Mills?

Simply put, a steel mill is an industrial plant used to manufacture steel. There are several processes that can take place in a steel mill; sometimes the iron ore is being processed in to steel and sometimes there are casting parts that are being manufactured from pig iron or scraps. In an integrated mill, the primary functions include iron making, steel making, casting, roughing rolling and product rolling.

For all of these processes to take place, different types of furnaces are employed, including a blast furnace where raw materials are integrated and liquefied. Heat resistant castings in this case are needed within the furnaces that can reach 2000oC. Furnace rolls and heat resistant castings are employed within the furnace being used to liquefy the raw ores into molten iron.

Heat Resistant Castings

For all different types of applications, it is important to have high quality metal parts that will withstand the strains of whatever processes you intend to do with them. High quality heat resistant castings can be produced and delivered for your project from Ferralloy, Inc. We have the technical authority to produce high temperature alloy components for your manufacturing needs. Our goal is to provide you with high quality parts are the most competitive cost. The range of products that we have the capability of producing is wide, so contact Ferralloy, Inc about your heat resistant casting needs today!

Furnace Rolls | What is Carburizing Furnace?

When you are in need of metal components, like furnace rolls, Ferralloy takes the time to learn and understand what your needs are in order to produce the highest quality and most effective product. Some clients are in the business of carburizing metals and for this industry we produce the highest quality heat resistant fabrications and castings available, including high quality furnace rolls.

Specialized furnace rolls are important for carburizing furnaces.

What is Carburizing?

For many, this action is unfamiliar, they just reap the benefits of “case hardened” metals. But what is it? Carburizing is a common heat treating process that hardens a surface to make it resistant to wear while maintaining strength of the core. This process is usually performed on carbon steel parts, high alloy steel bearings, gears and other components that require higher than usual resistance and strength.

Most times the process entails heating components in a pit furnace or sealed atmosphere furnace and then carburizing gases are then added at temperature. This is a very heated process, with temperatures usually hitting 1560°F to 1740°F. With these high temperatures, the components within the furnace operation need to be heat resistant and able to withstand the intense pressure of the process.

Specialized Furnace Rolls

A heat treating furnace requires heat resistant castings and specialized furnace rolls in order to operate efficiently. All of these parts make up a carburizing furnace and without the heat resistant characteristics, the process would not be able to take place.

Think of aerospace components, that need to definitely be resistant to wear and maintain a strong structural integrity. This process needs to occur in order to add a case hardness to many metal structures we use everyday. And in order for carburizing to occur the proper components need to be manufactured and produced at the highest quality. That’s why Ferralloy is your foundry of choice! Only the highest quality metal components leave our factories, and to your specifications. Give us a call for your heat resistant metal component needs!