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Investment Casting | A Closer Look at Carbon Steel Investment Castings

Have you ever wondered why manufacturers choose carbon steel for producing quality investment casting products? To help you make an informed manufacturing decision, take a closer look at the metalworking process involved in making carbon steel investment castings.

What is Investment Casting?

Investment, in this case, means being “clothed” or “surrounded.” During the process, a plastic shell or a ceramic plaster forms around the wax pattern where the metal is poured into. The investment casting process involves the production of precision-engineered parts. These parts enable you to minimize subsequent machining, material waste, as well as energy.

In fact, you might be surprised to find out that other than die casting, no other casting method can produce very intricate components. For this reason, countless design engineers find the investment casting process extremely useful.

Uses of Carbon Steel Investment Castings

Carbon steel is a popular material for the process of investment casting. Manufacturers choose several grades of carbon and low alloy steel. This is because, aside from being easily machinable, the material offers significant benefits that include practicality, availability, and wear resistance. Furthermore, carbon steel has applications in multiple industries such as oil and gas, automotive, mining, military, and commercial.

Examples of Carbon Steel Investment Castings

Some examples of carbon steel castings include firearm components, handles, cranks, brackets, valves, nozzles, gears, housings, bi-pods, and hinges.

What is Investment Casting?

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Investment Castings | What Are Investment Castings Used for?

Investment castings are one of the most popular metal parts used today. If you are surprised by the previous statement, you shouldn’t be. These cast components hold countless benefits that make them an appealing option to a wide-range of businesses and industries. Investment casting provides the ultimate design flexibility for highly complex parts made from a large choice of alloys. Furthermore, the investment casting process is relatively simple, which allows for high production rates and consistent dimensional accuracy. With advantages like these, it’s no wonder they are chosen for numerous different applications. What exactly are investment castings used for? Keep reading to learn about some of their most common applications!

Common Applications of Investment Castings

The applications of investment castings are limitless. However, the aerospace, power generation, firearm, automotive, military, commercial, food service, gas and oil, and energy industries use these metal components the most. For example, the firearms industry turns to cast parts for firearm receivers, triggers, hammers, and other precision parts. Investment castings are even used by beverage industry equipment manufacturers and international pressure relief valve manufacturers in the oil and gas industry. As a result, it’s safe to say that regardless of your industry, if your business can benefit from the advantages of investment cast parts and components, they might be the perfect metal option for any and all of your projects.


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