SureStack Baskets

A modern alternative to rod frame fabricated baskets.

For years, the standard method of batch loading was using rod frame fabricated baskets. This method of processing products, although practical, comes with several limitations.


For starters, the round rod is structurally weak, and because it is exposed to extreme temperatures, then oil or polymer quenched, they often undergo severe thermal shock. As the thermal shock continues to take its toll after cycling over and over, the baskets begin to distort and eventually crack. That distortion continues and the cracks propagate until the baskets no longer stack properly and ultimately fail.

SureStack Baskets are the Solution

SureStack baskets provide an answer to many of the problems of the more traditional rod frame fabricated baskets. Our lightweight investment cast baskets have additional intrinsic stiffness that a casting provides and is designed to stack in a way that combats the distortion of a traditional rod frame basket.

An added benefit of this alternative is that these baskets have no welds as they are cast in a single piece. Taking time to understand your specific process, we can recommend the correct alloy grade that will perform at a higher level than what you’ve experienced in the past. Current customers are receiving 30-50% more cycle life from our SureStack Baskets than their previously used rod frame fabrications!

Benefits of Our SureStack Baskets

  • Available for all sizes of trays and hearths
  • Internal stacking posts included for additional support
  • Designed to reduce distortion
  • All alloy grades available
  • Complete with wire mesh liners
  • Custom designs to meet your unique needs
  • Reduces operating cost per cycle

Learn More About Our SureStack Baskets!

Our SureStack baskets are designed to last longer than the legacy designs of the past and overcome the limitations of traditional options. Contact us today and learn more!

Our SureStack Baskets!



Loading and Unloading Baskets in most heat-treating departments is a process that typically results in one basket in the stack ending up on top of the stack.  This basket does not have the benefit of the SureStack top rim being locked by the basket above it thereby eventually distorting inward.  By applying the suggested loading and unloading sequence each basket will see a cycle at the top position and each subsequent cycle it will move through the stack thereby not having the time to distort as it would in a traditional sequence.  Download this illustration and apply our recommended sequence to your process and receive many more cycles out of your SureStack Baskets!!

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